"See, children are shit!"
- Beyond Phere 2016


Is an Australian Kangaroo that has shaved all the hair off of her body and has convinced others that she is a human. Which would explain why she has never showed the world her face and only her hot, sexy kangaroo body. She enjoys drawing boobs and asses.


  • She likes to take teasing photos (see gallery below)
  • She did not get drunk until she was 21.
  • She did not get stoned until she was 22.


  • "Fuck, I hate children!"
  • "Shove it in, without meaning."
  • "I haven't ever drawn an asshole."
  • "At least make it a half-way decent vagina."
  • "Somebody needs to send me money, I'm out of my spaghetti."
  • "There is nothing wrong with a mutt, mate!"
  • "Just don't engage with a cunt!"
  • "Never negotiate with cunterrists."
  • "It sounds like peacocks fucking." - In reference to Nerdy Bitch's laugh.
  • "I identify with New York."


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