"Is it bestiality to fuck an alien?"
- Brian 2016


With a voice of pure sex you are staring at a meaty privileged douch. Worry not for if you wanna escape from his grasp then just do what they did in The Little Mermaid: Cut off his hair so the bitch can't talk.


  • He portrayed the character Denethor (the father of Boromir and Faramir) in the Return of the King; the third installment of Peter Jackson's film trilogy "The Lord of the Cock Rings."
  • Creator of #MeatyPrivilege
  • Voice is like liquid butter
  • Fucks with white women until they cry
  • Nefarious motherfucker
  • Fucking asshole who accuses people of shit without evidence
  • Lord of Douch Bags
  • loves shayrah
  • Frequently punches children.
  • has a huge cock like really its my favourite.
  • Can only masturbate to images of gerbils being inserted into peoples' anuses.
  • Trims his crotch-hairs with a weed-wacker.
  • Knows the weight of coins that have gone out of circulation for decades.
  • Slaps labels on Sketchy like the SJW from Hell.


  • "I think I need tea." (In response to the possibility that TheAtheistBrony might be a pedophile.)


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