Damian Farrar is an Australian Youtuber and a personal friend of Pimpmunk.


Damian lives in Queensland, Australia.

The Drunken Peasants L.A. Meetup

Yearning for Pimp to experience the transgender hookers of Los Angeles, Damian played a pivotal role in getting Pimp to the Drunken Peasants L.A. Meetup, paying for his flight, while Landon Curt Noll helped Pimp with additional expenses. According to Pimp on "Going to LA (Pimp-a-thon)" this came to be when Damian was informed that Pimp was considering going by bus. Damian on the spot insisted on paying for the flight. The following is as how Pimp described the conversation in the aforementioned "Pimp-a-thon".

Pimp: Don't do that.

Damian: Fuck you, I do it. It's my money.

This was of course very generous of Damian and, if understood correctly, not the first time Damian has helped Pimpmunk in this way.


  • Dude, he is one amazing dude!
  • Is an amateur astronomer who friendly shows off his (telescope) tube on Pimpmunk appearances.
  • He has a tattoo that covers his entire back.


  • Damian is the new Ahmed Mohamed.

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