"There are different ways you can contort your ballsack to look like different things."
- Dee 2016


Dee was orphaned at a young age after his parents died in a shrimping accident. The shrimp raised Dee to maturity and in time he became their King. He chokes when he brushes his teeth, but he can take a cock all day long.


  • He frequently uses squirrels as condoms while he fucks peoples' fathers. 
  • Dee has been known to say the word "wee" very frequently, much to the distress of TommyfromtheBRONX and Pimpmunk, as they feel it is "weetarded".
  • Sometime posts YouTube shrimp tank videos
  • wee
  • He looks like and is bitchy as much as Melissa Click so much that he won't even admit that he is her.
  • Dee has been known to use the f-word.
  • Dee, contrary to popular belief, did in fact steal Pimpmunk's tripod.
  • WeeDayne
  • Recruited Landon Curt Noll to his Shrimp cabal.
  • According to Pimpmunk, the song "Dude (Looks Like A Lady)" by Aerosmith was written about Dee Wayne.


  • "The shrimpening is upon us."
  • "I don't fucking care." (In response to a child with cancer)


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