"Even if I'm wrong, I'm still gonna win."
- Galen, 2016


If big and tall doesn't tell you what you are getting then you are gonna get fucking wrecked when this mother fucker comes into the room and that is only if he can stand being in the same room as you. Here he comes with a broken jaw that will never shut up he is the unstoppable New Orleanian Galen Hallcyon!!!

Help him not die from his mouth being an asshole


  • Pimpmunk is his Nigger
  • Loves marshmallows and pickles equally.
  • Has an unhealthy obsession with Micheal Bay movies.
  • Claims to be really good at eating ass.
  • He taught The Little Skeptic how to properly suck dick.
  • I'm scared.
  • He should return to The PimpmunkShow when he recovers from his jaw being broken from the jaw breaker Tommy Cockarino gave him.
  • TJ ( The Amazing Atheist ) once filled Galen's house with marshmallows, Galen was so happy that he sucked TJ's dick on the spot.
  • He wants to engage in ass to mouth with both Nicole Arbour and Scarlett Johannsson
  • He is a god of sex with balls of gold.


  • "Pimpmunk is my nigger."
  • "Never go full TJ."
  • "Even if I'm wrong, I'm still gonna win."
  • "I need to fuck a little Asian chick..I just wanna get a skinny little Asian chick and lie with my big dick off. You know and get 9 inches and twirl her around and spin that shit. Just tug and roll it around. Be squirting all over my fucking dick...and like YEAH!!!"- Galen being tired from being in severe pain for a while and has the urge for Asian pussy, you cannot blame him.
  • "You need a dick to suck, I nominate Steve Shives."- Galen referring to the Dick Sucking Contest.
  • "You're gonna fuck me and Kristi Winters?" -Asking the Australian kangaroo scrotum (Not AiU, Damian, about the Pussy Eating contest.
  • "Which Bill is the better rapist? Bill Cosby is black. Bill Clinton because he rapes people and liberals would still love him."- Well he isn't wrong.
  • "I could fuck you up, Pimpmunk."- Pointing out the obvious.
  • "No Duh". - In reference to taking a steam boat ride down the Mississippi River, with Pimp and Landon when they go to New Orleans. He made sure to postface said remark though, stating that he rarely ever uses such a trite term.


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