"Gary, Indiana is the best state ever."
- Ho Burger 2016


Born from the ashes of Gary Indiana when it was destroyed in the great fast food burger wars of 2000. Was born when his mother decided to go to the bathroom and shit out a baby. Since his birth he has rebuilt Gary Indiana into the great state it is today.

After he was done feeding billions of African Children, he decided that at 15 years old, he would open a channel where he bitches about stuff. SInce opening his channel in 2015 he has gained exactly 69 subscribers, joining the ranks of the top 10 youtubers on the earth.

Everybody loves him due to his contributions to the world.

Unfortunately, Whore H Burger (legal birth name) Took his own life by Overdosing on Mcdonalds brand ketchup. He will surely be missed.


  • Pimp is frequently paid to kick him off the show (see the HoBurger Kick Counter at the top of the page for the current number of times this has happened)
  • He is slightly obese.
  • This is not yet confirmed due to choppy evidence.
  • For some reason, everybody seems to hate Ho Burger.
  • Hates chairs.
  • Is a fat fucking piece of shit.
  • Doesn't know what a "thigh gap" is
  • His birth name is Whore Hamburger.
  • On The Pimpmunk Show After Show (A big Fucking Mess) Ho Burger briefly served as Brians' running mate, resulting in the infamous BritShit2016 campaign, this would only arise after the initial Brit v. Shit decision, in which Pimp took not only TommyfromtheBRONX's vote, but Tony Cockarino's as well.This crass decision would result in the show being deemed a pimptatorship by the chat. However, a strange outcry from Ho Burger supporters in the chat (which have been deemed the Holetariat by historians) seemed to resonate with a powerful figure on the show, leading them to overule Pimp's decision and give us the cringey, monotone, listless performance of Ho Burger. Tragically, Ho Burger would be unceremoniously kicked from the show in exchange for the purchase of a chair. This was, of course, fullfilled by Xaphan "Chair Guy" 6669.
  • He is literally 15
  • He is a commonly used animal on milk farms
  • Whenever pimpmunk is deciding if Ho should be brought on, he takes a poll of Ho burger, or Noburger. Noburger is actually a powerful incantation that will vanish Ho on the spot.


  • "War is bad."
  • "It's a gaming, idiot!" (In reference to
  • "Cannibalism's great, fuck you!"
  • "I was trying to be like 2-pack." (In reference to rapper, Tupac Shakur)
  • "A lot of people do?! I'm not a lot of people! I put posters the way God intended it!" (In response to Lance Cpl. Thomas' ridicule of the single Trailer Park Boys Poster displayed in his room)
  • "Look... I'm a nice guy..."
  • "Weed, man!"
  • "I have peanut butter, is there any dogs around?" (see here)
  • "Doing this pose hurts my neck."
  • "I flew towards my window like a dragon."
  • "I suck at quotes."
  • "I don't like sweets, I like meat."
  • "Shit man, I can't think of nuttin." (when asked to say something memorable)
  • "I'm not making an idiot of myself"
  • "I ain't homeless, nigga."
  • "...everything has to be edgy."
  • "I feel it on my face." (referring to his yearning neckbeard)
  • "Those are my best quotes: when I don't speak!"
  • "5 dollars .. behind the 7-Eleven."
  • "Shutup and swallow!"
  • "You don't deserve a crote."— When asked for a memorable crote
  • "I look pretty good for a mom."
  • "Digital weed maaaan."
  • "Hi, I'm Adam Sandler and I'm here to kill comedy."
  • "Suck a big, fat, hairy dick."
  • "Her name is Dorn, and she's as dead as a Dorn-knob."
  • "I don't give a shit about your self-esteem, bitch."
  • "The future is gay."
  • "They don't catch ghosts, they catch STDs." - In referance to the Ghostbusters XXX parody.
  • "I like the cross eyed one, the retard!" - Talking about his favorite My Little Pony character.
  • "...I wish I did shit in the basement."— HoBoigy out of context
  • "I have the passion of ten-thousand suns."— Burger deep
  • " birthday ever!"— HoBurger when he got some Sunny D for his birthday
  • "I'd jump on that shit nigga"— HoBurger when asked what he would do if he found Brett Keane in his bed
  • "My balls drop faster than the jews"


  • Ho Burger Approves this Wiki.
  • Ho crawling out the window, in HD

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