"Why won't you tear my ass apart?!" -
JJTalkz 2016

JJTalkz is a youtube feminist, skeptic, and atheist, as well as an occasional host on The Pimpmunk Show.


JJ presents herself as a beautiful blue haired SJW Feminist but the truth is much darker than that my fellow indivijuls. The truth is that JJ is disgusting monster that hides her true form so that she can lure young male virgins and suck their life force from their bodies. That's why she cries all the time its to attract young white knight virgins into her lair where she will reveal her true form. She is also an unrepentant Poodlephile, and often starts enormous K9 gangbangs.

Or you could believe that she's a young girl who cares a lot about social justice and just wants to put her opinions out there.


  • According to SketchyWhiteKnight, the only way to defend yourself against this evil hag is to yell incomprehensibly in a thick Austrian accent. She will more than likely drop whatever she's about to do and start bawling.
  • Very few people have survived being entangled in the mass of blue terror that is her ass-hair. It has been likened in description to the dark forests of Mirkwood crossed with the PTSD-inducing experience of being in the Vietnam War. It has been rumoured to be infested with spiders, Ho-Burgers' crabs, Brett Keane's family and Bigfoot. If that's not enough to scare you away, then I don't know what will.
  • Considers "gassing kikes, lynching niggers and strangling Japs" as enjoyable pastimes.
  • JJ is similar to Pablo Picasso in that once every month she experiences her very own "blue period".
  • JJ (progressive participle: JJing) is a verb due to a shit-story she told on the Fundraiser for Galen Hallcyon
  • She's a drunk blue-haired weirdo
  • Purported to be behind several prominant conspiracies, including 9/11.
  • She is also both Tigerkin and Giantkin.
  • There is nothing finer than JJ's 'giner


  • "We're all a little Hitler."
  • "Dwarves aren't real!"


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