"I just hate criminals, I want to see them in prison and see them suffer, with very little amounts of human respect."
- J.-F. 2016

Jean-François (J.-F.) Gariépy is a Neuroscientist, atheist, skeptic, and youtube personality, and a common guest on The Drunken Peasants Podcast and the Show.


This guy knows how to please American women. He will lick a bitch's leg for 30 minutes. This man is the face of pleasure. Can you handle the French Pervert? Doesn't matter if you can or not because you will get it whether you asked for it or not with this man.

Leg-Gate 2016

On Episode 21  J.-F. made a comment about how he liked to lick legs "for at least thirty minutes", expecting the hosts to agree. By the time that J.-F. realized that he had miscalculated, the chat was already busy making him a meme, which the hosts later joined in on. This became a running joke and meme from then on out.


Despite the fact that he likes to portray himself as an internet tough guy, J.-F. was so mortified by the scorn that he faced from Leg-Gate that he started an argument on twitter after the show, and then ceased all contact with any of the hosts. J.-F. has not been seen on youtube since this debacle.

Triumphant Return

J.-F. finally returned in Episode 30, finally free of the butthurt that plagued him for so long and able to laugh at Leg-Gate.


  • Every woman he has made love to/raped has felt his leg licking.
  • Expert at licking legs and other forms of foreplay.
  • Favourite cause: #OwnTheLegLick
  • The TV program, 60 minutes, declined to interview him because he was too quick
  • It is NOT true that he has licked 82 women in six US states and 3 Canadian providences.
    • <Citation Needed>
  • He has also defeated Gman in both debates about evolution and rap battles on DPP.
  • His rap flow is smooth and wet.
  • Known to promote digital eugenics.
  • JF likes the tip.


  • "You like getting fucked by the King of Youtube, bitch?" [Youtube link]
  • "I've seen chihuahua cocks a lot." [Youtube link]
  • "I've fucked pussy across the five continents." [Youtube link]
  • "I am very attached to my monkey."
  • "I know how to do it without writing to my face"


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