"Hair on the nether-regions is proof of there being no intelligent design."
- Landon 2016


Landon Curt Noll is...well, fuck it:

From his Wikipedia Article:

"Landon Curt Noll (born October 28, 1960)[1][2] is an American computer scientist, co-discoverer of the 25th Mersenne prime and discoverer of the 26th,[3] which he found while still enrolled at Hayward High School and concurrently at California State University, Hayward.[4] He was also a member of the Amdahl Six[5] team which discovered another record prime in 1989; this prime remains unusual as a record large prime as it was not a Mersenne prime.[6][7] Noll was born in Walnut Creek, California, United States. At age 18, he became the youngest person to break the record for the largest known prime. He has held or co-held the record three times.[8] He is also the co-inventor (with John Horton Conway) of a system for naming arbitrarily large powers of 10.[9][10] He also helped start the International Obfuscated C Code Contest,[11] and is a co-inventor of the Fowler Noll Vo hash function.[12]

Noll is an astronomer.[13][14] His work includes measuring the Solar parallax during the 2004 Transit of Venus[15] as well as the search for Vulcanoid asteroids.[16]

He was also involved in politics as a Sunnyvale, California city council member and vice-mayor.[17]"

YEAH and he is also an occasional guest on The Pimpmunk Show.


  • Lives in his favorite Universe
  • Advocate for Quantum Privilege
  • while he is a photon apologist, given the choice between relativity and quantum mechanics Landon prefers E=Mc^2
  • His name is only one letter away from being "Landon Cunt Noll".
  • His name is many letters away from Albert Einstein.
  • He has worked with Erdös and solved two of his mathematical problems.
  • Has a thing for prime numbers.
  • Often heard saying: Please become a pimpmunk patreon by visiting
  • Watches far too many of shrimp tank YouTube videos by [Mister Dee Wayne
  • Known to have called Hitler a "wanker".
  • The sign that read "FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING, FUCK" that was formerly featured in almost all of Pimpmunk's videos was a gift from Landon.
  • Like the captain of the H.M.S. Pinafore, Landon never uses the big, big D (nor F)
    • What, never?
    • No, never!
    • What, never?
    • Well, Hardly ever!
  • Landon has not lived in a house with a television since 1980.
  • Landon does not think much of Gary Indiana.
  • Had a sheep on his childhood farm... he really liked the sheep.
  • Landon brought a minigun for target practice and a bunch of cute docile puppies were mowed down by his cold lead.


  • "JJ is cool dude." (In reference to JF Gariépy)
  • "Hitler was a wanker."
  • "All Hadrons matter."
  • "Serial killers have long ears."
  • "It was a pleasure speaking to you sir." (In reference to Lizz Reptile)
  • "Hello from your friendly secular astronomer!"
  • "If Pimpmunk wants to do, than Pimpmunk does." (In response to frequent chat participant Xeno questioning Pimp's motives for travelling)
  • "It's nice to be nice."
  • "Fine ladies."
  • "You're a very naughty boy." (quote inspired by: Life of Brian - Monty Python)
  • "WHERE'S THE SHRIMP CAM DUDE!!?!" (after noticing Dee Fuckin' Wayne in the chat)
  • "I will be deep throated."
  • "'re Pimpmunk, not Freemunk."
  • "It's not porn if it's art."
  • "Fuck". (At the behest of Pimpmunk to satisfy the clock)
  • "Pile of puters."


  • B&W Landon Noll at La Fiesta in Mountain View, 2014
  • Landon Noll, Age 19
  • Landon Noll in Germany, 2015
  • Landon Noll and the Arcetri cluster, 2014
  • Landon Noll at Union Glacier Antarctica 2011
  • Landon Noll at the South Pole, 2013
  • Landon Noll and Einstein, 2010
  • Landon Noll searching for meteorites in the Antarctica interior, 2013
  • Landon Noll using a sextant to determine latitude near the South Pole, 2014
  • Landon Noll kicking back in the library room of the South Pole station, 2013
  • Landon Noll, the astronomer
  • Landon Noll helping measuring the distance to the Sun during 2012 Transit of Venus
  • Landon Noll, age 27, Usenix photo 1988
  • Landon Noll, Wikipedia photo
  • LANDON DID 9/11

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