"I look like I should be at Red Lobster on one of the dinner plates."
-Lizz Reptile 2016


This Lizard creature crawled out of the moon at age 6 and has been plotting to carry out her masters' plans ever since. Don't let the sexy body and toothy smile fool you. She is here to become your new over lord.


  • She came from the non existing egg moon
  • She tries to make people believe that the Earth is flat
  • Pimp has seen her titties
  • She has some interesting tattoos
  • She views her page once every 30 minutes, not!
  • Known to woperate
  • Proven to click on clickbate by mistake
  • She was a tattoo artist for ten years.
  • She has warpes, which are both warts and herpes.
    • UPDATE: Lizz's warpes were cured (June 6, 2016)
  • Pimp does not put her on the clock, he puts her on the vag.
  • Known to have shown "awkward vag".
  • Is an artist and has sold many pieces in addition to being in some galleries.
  • She doesn't find King of the Hill to be all that funny.
  • She will NOT tattoo your asshole.


  • "Chris needs to stop being a nigger and stop talking over me"
  • "I've caused some dick pain."
  • "I shit big turds."
  • "Holocaust: My Fault. Aids: My Fault. It is all my fault!"
  • "She looks more strung out than I do."


Lizz Lizzzzz Lizz Lizzisreptile Jizzum

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