A host of the Drunken Peasants Podcast, and an occasional guest on The Show.


The Pauls Ego indivijul has spent years of his life studying the ways of indivijulism and being a Living Man. Through being a Living Man Paul has learned that he has the right to go to his local Walmart or 7/11 and forage for food with no money. He forages for the Mac N Cheese, the Bonus Buckets, and the Instant mashed potatoes. He has learned that he does not have to abide by the corporate fiction that is the United States Government. Paul is no longer an US citizen he is now a Living Man and he is only a citizen to the earth.


  • Kissed Pimp in Los Angeles for $800 to be donated to Galen Hallcyon's dental surgeries
  • Has to have the "chub" pushed back to please his mates.
  • Hates Pimpmunk.


  • "...and like the only thing in my head is just like, like I just keep imagining titties bouncing around."— Paul when asked for a memorable crote
  • "Thats what we need to do, stop sending soldiers, start sending titties" -Paul on how to stop isis


  • by SuperWheatley
  • Hello darkness my old friend

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