"You never know, the question you ask might change the world.''- Pimp 6/18/16

Pimpmunkx is a youtube atheist, comedian, and social commentator, as well as the creator and host of The Pimpmunk Show.


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He lives in Mississippi. Even though he has the body of a big fat white guy, he has the soul and spirit of a strong independent black woman who don't need no man.

He tries to commit suicide on every show by dropping his smoke into his leg, but, much like the spiders that he hates, he just won't fucking die!

The Pimpmunk Show

He is the primary host, and founder of the Show, and for that reason he has appeared on almost every episode.


  • He kissed PaulsEgo of the Drunken Peasants at the DP fan meetup in Los Angeles, California for $800 to be donated to Galen Hallcyon's dental operations
  • He tried to kill his ex-wife's cat by throwing it in the dryer.
    • Note: No, seriously. He did it on purpose.
  • He has documentation.
  • He has 3 testicles, yes really
  • Also has duckumentation.
  • Is in desperate need of nipple clamps.
  • Constantly breaks chairs.
  • Eats way too many sour patch kids.
  • Known to use sarcasm
  • Pays his transgender hookers in Confederate dollars.
  • The official name for Pimp's facial hair is "the catfish". Interestingly, this was decided by a manatee.
  • He is a preeminent researcher of traps, and is considered the only legitimate authority on who is and is not a trap by the Ladyboy Society USA.
  • He is rooster-kin
  • Pimp has said on multiple occasions that his dick looks like an angry thumb.
  • Pimp used to stream regularly on YouNow, wherein he competed with preteen girls for who could have the most viewers (FUCK YOU MADISON!). However, after realizing that YouNow's chats were heavily censored, he stopped, and now streams casually on the Youtube channel Pimpmunkrandom.
  • He doesn't eat fried chicken
  • He does not like spiders
  • He wanted the D on 4/23/16
  • Pimp used to participate in Yahoo Chats. Some of the aliases which he used during this time included Zoobob, Squirty Steve, and Grown Ass Man.
  • He shot Kennedy.
  • Has a scar on his arse, one that he received in a fight when he was just 16
  • Able to eat tall burgers in a single bound!
  • He does not like Alabama.
  • He is for the gayfer.
  • Will cut you if you disrespect Mr. Bush.
  • Breaks into his neighbors house and steals their clothes.
  • His tranny name is Sweet Sweet Kissy Poo Vagina Man.
  • He likes his steak well done.
  • He thinks the phrase "no duh" doesn't make sense.
  • Hates PaulsEgo.


  • "I'm not a mama's boy, I'm a mama worshipper."
  • "I am hardcore—" "I'll suck a dick with barb wire on it!" [1]
  • "Shut up whore!" [citation needed]
  • "As long as they make hair dye, I'll be young forever."
  • "My asshole's really big."
  • "I don't think women are equals"
  • "Is that a goat in your basement? It looks baaaaad!"
  • "We're all a little gay, and we're all a little serial killer."
  • "I like fucking squirrels. I like sticking them up my ass."
  • "Some people like the smell of shit."
  • "Oh, my goddam side is hurting!" (in reference to when Ho Burger was dancing)
  • "What's obesity?"
  • "Goo goo ga ga, motherfucker."
  • "I like gifts, nigga!"
  • "I'll rape Pluto [Micky Mouse's dog] in his fucking asshole"
  • "You hope I get busted by an undercover cop and go to jail? ...I'll just fuck someone in prison"
  • "The questions you ask may change the world."
  • "'s weird not having a vibration in my ass."
  • "It took me 2 hours to eat the bitch." - In reference of the Therminator burger.
  • "I'll take money for Ethan's nipples."
  • "...everybody should rape a small black woman at one point in their life." [2]
  • "You can say her name, but I'm gonna eat her pussy."
  • "My dick's so small it's almost a giner."
  • "My dick started twerking as soon as I came out my momma's twat."
  • "There's a lot of 17 year olds I want to see in a bikini."
  • "Hell, steal your money from your parents. I don't care."
  • "...I wished I had the big black cock. I really do."
  • "Stop calling yourself a child, I'm going to be fucking you in a few weeks."
  • "I'm a black kid. Fresh Prince is my daddy."
  • "I'm herpeing this bitch up!"
  • "You fucked me, Cuck!"
  • "You know what one lizard said to the other lizard? Pay the other lizzard."— A joke Pimp told his uncle a couple years ago
  • "Fuck Tom Hanks!"
  • "Yup... I'm drinking my own taint sweat."
  • "Let's get right into the FUCK YOU!" - From is Twatter video to Keemstar
  • "Put it on her twiggy."
  • "My dick is small, I have a 3rd ball, and fuck you all!"
  • "Vapers has become the new vegans!"
  • "Are you perioding?"— Pimp to Nerdy Bitch In Glasses
  • "Pull over the spaceship nigga!"
  • "There goes my low fucking standards again."
  • "I like booty beans."
  • "I'm gay for pay, and villain for shillin'"— Pimp after he said he would shoot HoBurger if someone would pay him
  • "God damn oxycommies."
  • "I've been molesting emo kids since I was 28 year old, okay! I know emo!"
  • "Homicide all midgets."
  • "I once had sex with an egg."
  • "No, I have a confused testicle."
  • "No, we want kangaroo duck rape is what we want."
  • "You gotta walk up to a poodle and pet or piss on it."
  • "I would love to have a black penis. That'd be awesome."
  • "I come from the streets of Mississippi nigga!" - Something Pimp yelled at his mom, right before she hit him with a mop.
  • "I'm gettin learned up in this bitch."
  • "You don't need to talk, you need to die."- Said to Christopher S after he interrupted Pimp's shilling.


  • Holy fuck, this is so hot.
  • Pimp's inner black woman showing
  • Pimp with Froggy Cockarino
  • "Family photo"
  • baby pimp
  • That's Pimp in the purple fishnet shirt
  • Pimp using psychic powers
  • Pimpisha




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