"I'm a reptilian."
- Sketchy 2016

Sketchy White Dude is a youtube skeptic and igtheist, as well as a regular host on The Pimpmunk Show.


Here he comes the embodiment of the white patriarchy he is the mayo and bologna sandwich on white bread of youtube he is Sketchy White Dude. Prep your anus.

Lou-gate 2016

On February 9, 2016, Sketchy was called out by a self-proclaimed homeless army-trained detective, janitor, marketing expert and genius for being a scam artist, and the accusations eventually spread out to anyone even tangentially related to him.

The Pimpmunk Show

Regular host on the Pimpmunk Show, also bans trolls if they're not witty enough. Guest hosts the show on behalf of Pimpmunk when he's unavailable, but doesn't carry the same... gravity.

Also does the video thumbnails for the show, for better or worse.


  • Enjoys pissing on cats.
  • Possible reptilian / scammer / satanist / stalker
  • It is rumored that Sketchy is white.
  • Is 1% Sub-Saharan African.
  • Is also 3% Red Onion.
    • Source: His grandmother's corpse.
  • Is also referred to as SketchyWhiteOnion and his favorite hashtag is #SketchyOnionSoup
  • Watches Porn Backwards
  • On top of being a Sketchy White Dude, he is also a sketchy, white dude.
  • When he is on the air, the video background he uses as snothing to do with Paris. Can you figure out that the connection is?
  • He is an admin of this very wiki


  • No beanie OMFG
  • Art deco in warm tones. Very fucking artistic.
  • Fan art from Super Wheatley
  • Sketchy's 2nd Form
  • Sketchy's Final Form
  • Sketchy + Dee Wayne = Uncomfortable Boners
  • We have duckumentation.