"If PaulsEgo can tap a 12 year old, so can I."
- TheAtheistBrony 2016


One can only speculate at the turbulent and horrible past events that created the critically damaged psyche that is Atheist Brony. His sexual deviancy isn't limited to cartoon horses, as he is, apparently, also an unrepentant child molester.


  • When asked on a Pimpmunkrandom show who the most fuckable pony was, Brony responded first with the caveats that if he was in Equestria, a pony, and would be having said pony as a date partner, he would choose Cocoa Pommel, which is his favorite pony, and is not Rainbow Dash, which is the best pony.
  • He once was training to become a professional wrestler. During this time he apparently body-slammed WWE Cruiserweight Classic competitor, Ariya Daivari.


  • "The royal family of Saudi Arabia only arrests homosexuals because they want to be able to suck dick in an assembly line."
  • "We have nothing to fuck but Phere herself"


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