"In the beginning there was the Clock, and Clock was with Pimpmunk and Pimpmunk saw that the clock was good."


The Clock is a deity worshipped by fans of the Pimpmunk Show, as well as guests on the Show. The primary mode of Clock-worship is to donate money or gifts to Pimp through his Patreon, paypal, or Amazon wishlist. The Clock has also taken offerings to Pimp's Mom and Dad's wishlist as well.


Worshippers of the clock are known as Clock-keepers. Initiation into the Clock-keepers is as simple as being "put on the clock" by Pimp. Clock-keepers are however not the only rank, as the Church of the Clock is a hierarchical organization, however the titles of the upper tiers of membership are unknown to the general public. Worshippers are immediately identifiable through their clock related religious sayings.

Common Sayings

  • Clockelujah
  • Clockllahu Akbar
  • Allahu Clockbar
  • Clock-salam alaykum
  • All Hail the Clock
  • Praise the Clock
  • Tick Tock pay the clock!

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