"If morality is measured in dicks, I'm the holiest."
- Skeptic 2016

Wednesday Adams, also known by her Porn handleSammi Flaps, is a daughter of the famous Adams Family. She also goes by the Little Skeptic and she hosts livestream hangouts on her Youtube Channel.


She was born in the same Louisiana swamp that she will die in. Fitting as she is an evolutionary dead-end, and basically a vegetable. Her height is roughly a half inch above Tony Cockarino. She is the last Saltbender, and her passive-aggressive rage is what drives her through the world.


  • Also known as "The Little Cunt"
  • She's a neo-nazi
  • She's The Sex God and Christopher S' dominatrix
  • She hosts a Youtube Livestream Show known as Wednesday Anyday
  • Also known as "The Little Ho Burger"
  • Is known as "The Taco Cunt"
  • Her pussy is an apex predator
  •  #SnailTrail
  • She has a fetish for shoving birds in her pussy, which is why it is so fucking infected
  • She pulls strings out of her puss for cats to play with
  • She is on Pimpmunk's marriage list.
  •  She has gone full TJ on many occasions
  • She was literally born from Pawn scum.


  • Truth
  • I wish I edited this
  • Oh wait, no I don't
  • Ja ja, das ist sehr gut! Fick mich im Arsch!
  • TacoBell
  • Salt
  • Dat ass

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