The Pimpmunk Show is a livestream on youtube hosted by Pimpmunkx, along with a variety of additional hosts and regulars including Shayrah, TommyfromtheBRONX, Sketchy White Dude, JJTalkz, Galen Hallcyon, Jean-François Gariépy, Landon Curt Noll and many more.


Although it did not officially begin until Episode 1, it began to take shape on December 7, 2015 when Pimpmunkx hosted the Fundraiser for Galen Hallcyon to help pay for Galen's desperately needed dental surgeries. The fundraiser featured many of the personalities who would later go on to become regular guests, and even hosts of the Show including Shayrah , Sketchy , Tommy , Vadim , and many more.


  • Three of the main personalities of the Pimpmunk Show are part of the United States' FBI's Most Wanted List. Their charges include the following:
    • Excessive sexiness.
    • Lynching.
    • Urination upon warm-blooded animals.
    • and road rage.
  • There are now special Patreon only aftershows, which are like the show, but later and uncensored


  • Logo by Sketchy White Dude
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