The After Show for Episode 22 of the Show, in which the Hosts, along with guests Brian, Landon Curt NollHo Burger, Christopher S, Ethan, DtheZombie and Chairman shoot the shit and troll/untroll this very wiki.


Shayrah, Pimp, and the guests debate whether or not the Fat One deserves to be on the show, until Chairman solves it by buying a chair for Pimp, thus becoming a wiki mod, and kicking Ass Burger off the Show.

Vadim Newquist was also there, albeit briefly as he was preoccupied with putting Icy-Hot on his nutsack (see the gallery below for a slideshow of his pain). Brian won the Nobel Peace Prize in Nut-Saving for having Vadim dip his nuts in milk, thereby saving them.

So much fucking bullshitting followed these events that there is no point in writing them down.


  • The Moonshadow's Slave endlessly trolled the wiki pages of Shayrah, Tommy, Brian, Sketchy, JJ and Pimpmunk.
  • Several memes were founded in this episode, including:
  • Meatyprivilege
  • DogAteMyMeatyPrivilege
  • Landon showed off some pics of the South pole, in a bout of education


  • Look at this man and tell me he is not shame incarnate
  • A real photo of Shayrah's asshole
  • Chris drank himself retarded
  • The Icy Hot Debacle
  • Hmmm
  • This'll go well
  • The moment Vadim put Icy-Hot on his nuts