Tony Cockarino is the living, sentient penis of TommyfromtheBRONX, and is a frequent guest on The Pimpmunk Show. Although his face has been seen by many, he has never appeared on camera during the show.


He was the founder and frontman of the chart topping rock group Tony Cockarino and the Bälls, whose limited vinyl release demo is sought by record collectors the world over - primarily for being the largest slab of vinyl ever pressed. The bands most notable album is Testicular Experience and a few tracks on that album are; River of Semen, Just the Tip, Bye Bye Foreskin, NO TEETH BITCH!!, Swamp Taint Nightmare, Sticky Situation and, Not Enough Lotion.


  • Self-identifies as meaty privilege
  • Cockin' the casbah
  • Lacks dickumentation
  • So massive that black holes are attracted to it
  • So large it has its own zip code
  • Favorite quotes:
    • That's fine.
    • I'm the greatest!
    • Fuggeddaboutit
  • It has been speculated that he is actually the brains of the operation


  • Tony Cockarino visits Japan
  • A candid pic of an intimate moment between Tony and Ethan