"Did you guys just say that to get me to dip my nuts in milk?" 
- Vadim Newquist, 2016


Vadim, brought to you in part by Icy Hot, cause if you're nuts aren't burning , your ass ain't learning!!!

Vadim was born in Israel , but passes off as an American Jew from New York anyway so no one seems to notice. He survived a clothes hanger abortion , not once , but twice. His hobbies consist of rubbing Icy Hot cream on his Chewbacca balls, drinking vast amounts of Tequila , chain smokes filter less Camel cigarettes. He dropped out of middle school from WhiteWater MIddle School cause he bashed in Ms. HoBurger's brains in with a wooden baseball bat. After losing the Special Olympics 11 years in a row, he was banned from participating in any Future Olympics. He now contemplates suicide on a regular basis and has no firm grasp on reality, his balls, or a pair of female tits for the rest of his feeble existence. BrianJ1962 was awarded the Noble Peace Prize for saving Vadim's testicles.

The Pimpmunk Show

Vadim is a semi-regular guest on the Show, as Vadim has much more important things to do with his time (see here, here, and here).


  • Dirty Canadian
  • Puts icyhot on his balls
  • Lactose Intolerant
  • Trims his testicle-hairs with hedge-clippers.
  • Will have sex with any warm-blooded animal
  • unaware of his Meaty Privilege 
  • Has rapist facial hair. 
  • Perpetual poopers are what he looks for in fartners
  • His testicles are lactose intolerant


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