Wednesday Anyday is a live stream discussion show created for the fuck of it, and hosted by The Little Skeptic, The Sex God, DtheZombie, Liberal Ocelot, Chris S., and more often than not Asriel, Probable Serial Killer, and Dylan. Guests have included Pimpmunkx, Shayrah, Ethan, and maybe many more...maybe. The regular hosts are all people who met through the Pimpmunk Show live chat.


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  1. Watch and listen or not
  2. Late Night Boring
  3. Worst Pre Show Ever
  4. Movies and more movies
  5. Talking and never shutting up
  6. I tried but...
  7. Wednesday Anyday
  8. Trollz and Art
  9. Just Pure Shit

Other Vids


  • 1st Attempt/Fuckup 1 - Liberal Ocelot
  • Fuckup 2 - Liberal Ocelot
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